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Yas Web

Develop And Raise The Reputation Of Your Company

Easy Estate

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About Us

About Us:

1812Web Helps people & businesses reach each other in an easy & faster way, which helps both save their Time, Money & Effort.

Multi services for business support.

Multi directory and advertising services.

All services under one roof

The fastest way to reach your customer

The fastest way to get your requirement

Get direct inquiries from customer

Save your time, money & effort.

Benefits and Services

Directory for Customer / Visitor:

  • All services under one roof.

  • Other customers can be your customer.

  • The fastest way to reach your customer.

  • The fastest way to get your requirement.

  • Direct contact with your customer.

  • User-Friendly system.

  • Save your time, energy & money.

  • Simple steps to register.

  • Register with your current email ID.

Job Search

  • 100% free.

  • Get notifications for job opportunities.

  • Direct contact.

  • No broker.

  • Save your time, energy & money.

  • Send your resume directly.

  • No Ads / No disturbance.

  • Get Unlimited Resumes for free.

Company Directory

  • Search any company easily.

  • Search by company name, email, website, telephone, services, location.

  • Find complete details of the company as per services & products.

Product Directory

  • Search any product easily.

  • Search by product name, email, website, telephone, services, location, alphabets.

  • Find any product with the market price, discount price, and location of availability.

Genuine Website Directory

  • search any website to make sure it is genuine or fake.

FindMe Directory

  • Easy search: Search Services or Products by image.

  • This Unique service will save your time, money & effort.

  • Just put in your request and you will get the best offers from the market as we will send your request to all service providers.

  • Just send your request and all the service providers will contact you in the way you want (SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Call).


  • Develop and raise the reputation of your company.

  • Easy ways to do marketing for your company name and logo.

  • Easy ways to do marketing of your products/services.

  • Increase the number of your clients, sales, and income.

  • Save money in advertising.

  • Save time looking for customers.

Easy Estate

  • It has multi services of Real Estate.

  • Easy to find the location.

  • Easy to find Information.

  • Easy and simple steps for Visitors.

  • All the Real Estate services under one roof.

Discount Card

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Terms & Conditions

  • Please note: Once you are a Member of 1812Web or Your details are mentioned in 1812Web it means you have Agreed in 1812Web All Terms & Conditions
  • 1812Web This website displays information or products only for the viewer’s knowledge
  • 1812Web is not responsible for any payment dealings between the member and customer or buyer and the seller
  • I or We (Member), hereby declare that all data and documents and information’s submitted in 1812Web are true and complete. We will bear any legal responsibility if the above information is not true
  • I or We (Member), have no right to claim anything from 1812Web.


Price & Packages


Price in USD
Item Price 70
Admin Fee 3.50
Tax Fee 3.50

FindMe with Query

Price in USD
Item Price 120.00
Admin Fee 6.00
Tax Fee 6.00
TOTAL USD 132.00

Yasweb - Smart Website

Price in USD
Item Price 130.00
Admin Fee 6.50
Tax Fee 6.50
TOTAL USD 143.00

Easy Estate

Price in USD
Item Price 70.00
Admin Fee 3.50
Tax Fee 3.500

Slide Show

Price in USD
Item Price 250.00
Admin Fee 12.50
Tax Fee 12.50
TOTAL USD 275.00

Yasweb - Product Display Website

Price in USD
Item Price 260.00
Admin Fee 13.00
Tax Fee 13.00
TOTAL USD 286.00

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